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If your doctor agrees, medications that require regularly can be put onto a repeat prescription. This allows you to request another another prescription without having to make an appointment to see a doctor.

You will have to give the surgery 48 hours to turn around you repeat prescription requests.

Sometimes you will be notified that you are due a medication review when recieving your repeat prescription, if so please make an appointment before the next prescription is due.

To avoid errors please use the white computer print out, ticking the items required for your next prescription.

There are a number of ways to request a repeat prescription:

We do not accept telephone requests for repeat prescriptions. This is the same for all GP surgeries is Wales in order to prevent errors that could be caused by misunderstanding.

Please note: stockpiling of medicines can be dangerous as well as being a waste of money. Please order only the medicines that you need. Any that you do not need should be crossed out on your repeat prescription request.